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Applications and Welcome [Feb. 15th, 2008|10:35 am]
Watchtower OOC



Welcome! watchtower_ooc is the OOC members-only community for jla_watchtower, a play-by-post roleplaying community. This community serves as our backstage area, where we coordinate plots and scenes. If you're interested in applying for membership in our game, please contact the mods. You can e-mail us at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com, or you can leave a comment here.

Rules and guidelines for applications :

We take at least 24 hours to consider all applications. Someone will respond to your application to confirm that we have received it and we will begin deliberating. We look at a variety of factors, some of which will be described in more detail below. In rare cases, we may contact you requesting a second sample post - this is more likely to happen if the initial sample was short or if the character is a very important one with personal relationships.

We do allow Original Characters, but they may only be applied for by established members of the community. Once someone is established with a canon character, they may apply for OCs.

Once approved for a character, someone who wishes to apply for a second character must wait two weeks from the date of approval, and demonstrate in-character activity with the first approved character before we will consider the second application.

Character Application Form

For all characters, we require the following :

  • Character Name - Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Player Nickname or Handle - So we know what to call you.
  • Player Over 18 Years of Age - Yes or No. The community sometimes features mature themes, so we have a strong preference for players over 18 years of age.
  • E-mail Address - Can be emailed to us separately at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com, if you have privacy concerns. It is vital that this is an email address that you regularly check.
  • Base of Operations - So we know where you intend to have the character operate. 'Mobile' is an acceptable answer.
  • Sample Post - The most important part. The main thing we're looking for is the character's voice. It's helpful, therefore, to give us a sample that includes some action descriptions and dialogue. Spelling (and grammar) does (do) count - none of us claim to be perfect, but it is a game that communicates through text, so we need to know you can write in a manner that your fellow players can read most of the time. We're not going to nix somebody because of a couple of isolated typos, though. Most of us write in third-person, past or present tense, but we have no formal requirement as to format.

Optional Application Fields :

  • Character Journal Name - So we know what journal to send invites to, or accept join requests from. Recommended, unless you just haven't decided what journal to create - but in that case, let us know as soon as you decide.
  • How Did You Hear About the Game? - So we know where to focus on promoting the game.

If you are a current member, applying for an Original Character, these are also required :

  • Physical Description - Height, Build, Weight, Hair Color, etc.
  • Personality - Quirks, likes, dislikes, mannerisms.
  • Abilities - Powers, Skills, Unusual Resources.
  • Weaknesses and Flaws - Kryptonite, Wood, Twinkies, etc.
  • Alignment - Villain, Hero, Other (specify)
  • Relatives - Significant Relations, not a complete genealogy.
  • Backstory - How he or she came to be what he or she is.
  • Plan - The kinds of stories you want the character to participate in, how you plan to integrate them with the established DCU, et cetera.

General Game Guidelines

  1. Canon is a Guide, Not a Straitjacket - This is self-evident to anyone who's read the game for a while, but it might as well be stated up front. As far as we're concerned, there are big canon issues and little canon issues. Superman's vulnerable to kryptonite. Batman's a normal human who is a superb athlete and a great detective. Oracle is one of Earth's best hackers. Nightwing used to be Robin. Wonder Woman is from Themyscira. Those are all good examples of big canon issues. Smaller issues would include things like who a character is dating or where they are living at a particular time - as long as we have internal story logic, we're happy.

    An encyclopedic knowledge of DCU canon is not a requirement. However, you will be expected to learn or know canon pertaining to your character - for example, if you are playing a member of the JSA, you should know who the other members are, where the headquarters is, and have a general idea of who is capable of doing what. We have a multitude of useful reference sites listed on our community profile page, and chances are no matter how obscure the character, you'll find that one of our other players can help you learn more about them. We've also been working on a Wiki for the game that contains useful links to resources about the characters.

  2. Play Nice with Others - You don't have to run every little plot bunny past the mods before you launch it. We do want players to check with other players for stuff that involves their characters. If Nightwing wants to visit the Flash, go for it - just make sure that the Flash isn't already otherwise occupied. This goes for mun-mun interactions, too - respect people's privacy, don't be schmucky, and if you have any problems with another player, please talk to a mod or one of our player arbiters. We've had very few difficulties/backstage drama, and it's all due to the fact that our players get along so well.

  3. In-Character Posts Should Appear in the jla_watchtower Community - What this simply means is, if you have a post in mind that you want to make sure is seen by other players, post it in jla_watchtower. You are welcome to do posts on your character's own journal, but many of the players may not see them there.

  4. Posting Requirements - We have a very loose set of posting requirements. Each player in the game is required to post in-character at least once per three months. We do periodic checks to see who's been idle too long and we use email nudges to get folks back on track. If you are going to be away from the computer for a while, post something to the OOC community to let folks know you're gone, and when you expect to be back.

  5. Trigger Issues - Sensitive topics like rape or child abuse may come up in the course of the game. The person running the plot or scene is expected to warn people (via the OOC community) about what to expect, as well as place a warning at the start of any posts with such content.

  6. Fighting - Regarding character violence, no maiming or killing without the other player's permission. Generally when playing out a fight scene on LJ, the players involved will be consulting each other IM. This has worked out pretty well. Fight fairly, even if it's a dirty street fight. If you're not the Flash or a top-ranked martial artist, don't claim that the other character never hit your character.

We recommend you check out our watchtower_fans community, where we have posted character bios, essays, musings on DCU canon versus our own, and perhaps the Watchtower Wiki.

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From: aflyinggrayson
2009-07-24 03:44 pm (UTC)
Character name: Dick Grayson / Nightwing
Player (nickname, handle): Pamela
Over 18? (y/n): Kinda sorta? All right, yes.
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): You have it, you have it.
New character LJ name (if already created): AFlyingGrayson
Base of operations: Bludhaven, Gotham, Titans, Wherever
Sample Post: (And I should be doing a scene soon, too)

Oh, God, what a night. Eight brawls - eight, for the love of Pete! - and three muggings/would-be rapes interrupted. Somewhere in there was a bank robbery he stopped too. He feels like he has just endured the crimefighting version of cleaning up a frat house after the homecoming beer bash.

A grin threatens to split his features. Because for all of that? It was kinda fun.

Aching but decidedly cheerful, Dick Grayson - better known as Nightwing - powers his Ducati through the morning chill that hangs in the minutes before dawn, when sunlight will transform the chill into humidity. He's still wearing his costume and his mask, because he is not calling on the denizens of Wayne Manor via the front door. Does he ever? Chances are that Bruce isn't back anyway, which means Dick has dibs on whatever Alfred has made for post-patrol snacking.

After all these years, the Batcave's entrance is something that Dick can find blindfolded, gagged, trussed and drugged. The back road, its surface and various undulations are very, very familiar to him, so honestly, his speed (around 85 MPH) is not as unsafe as it may seem. Plus he gets a little "air time" cresting that last hillock before the entrance proper, eliciting, even in his fatigued state, a whoop of pleasure. Damn, he loves this road and this bike.

And sure enough, as he arrives in the vastness of the Batman's lair, the Batmobile's parking space is empty but the scent of fresh coffee and baked goods implies it won't be empty long. Alfred wouldn't be putting out food if Bruce weren't on his way back home. Parking the bike to one side, Dick heads toward the butler (I bet he never sleeps, ever) and the waiting refreshments. Using the computers here is just the excuse to land him in Gotham. These homemade pastries and Blue Mountain coffee? Those are the real reasons.

Oh, and being cheerful to Bruce first thing in the morning is a pretty damned good lure, too.
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From: krypton_or_bust
2009-09-11 11:29 pm (UTC)

Character Application - Cannon Character

Character name: Superboy - Conner Kent -- Kon-El
Player (nickname, handle): Shannon
Over 18? (y/n): Yes
E-mail address : uberdude@hotmail.com
New character LJ name: Krypton_or_Bust
Base of operations: Titan's Tower, Smallville, Blondie's Pizza -Berkley
Sample Post: http://krypton-or-bust.livejournal.com/766.html
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From: firestorm09
2009-10-15 11:23 pm (UTC)


1. Character Name - Sanderson "Sandy" Hawkins, Sandy, the Golden Boy, Sands, Sand, and Sandman
2. Player Name - Stick
3. Over 18? -Yes
4. E-mail Address -manticore698@yahoo.com
5. New Character LJ name (if already created) - firestorm09
6. Base of Operations - Justice Society Headquarters and Museum, Manhattan, New York
7. Sample Post - http://firestorm09.livejournal.com/
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From: themightyoracle
2009-11-03 06:01 am (UTC)

Character Application (Canon Only)

Character Name: Oracle/Barbara Gordon
Player (nickname, handle): Kimberlee
Over 18? (y/n): Yes
E-mail address: BrethlessM@aol.com
New Character LJ Name: themightyoracle
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Sample Post:http://community.livejournal.com/watchtower_ooc/1366578.html

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From: thecryforblood
2009-11-10 01:50 am (UTC)
Character name: Helena Rose Bertinelli/Huntress
Player (nickname, handle): Allie!
Over 18? (y/n): Yesss
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): on zee record
New character LJ name (if already created): thecryforblood
Base of operations: Gotham City
Sample Post: 'Tis here!
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From: great_xhal
2009-12-15 02:44 am (UTC)
Character name: Koriand'r (Starfire)
Player (nickname, handle): Kris
Over 18? (y/n): Yes
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): pullthestars@gmail.com
New character LJ name (if already created): great_xhal
Base of operations: San Francisco, CA
Sample Post:
and here
and here too
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[User Picture]From: steelerdaddy
2010-01-06 12:33 am (UTC)


Character name: Hawkman (Carter Hall)
Player (nickname, handle): Shawn
Over 18? (y/n): Y
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): kryptonianboyscout at gmail dot com
New character LJ name (if already created): Will create upon approval
Base of operations: St. Roch (hopefully JSA Brownstone as well eventually)
Sample Post:


The mace hit the muscular bald man square in the jaw, sending him sprawling backwards into the busy streets of St. Roch. The city was getting used to seeing its protector in battle to a degree, but the fury which he always fought with still caused some to wonder if the cure to crime for the city was worse than the disease at times.

"Nice hit, birdbrain." the bald man replied. "Problem is, I've fought my Power Peach to a standstill, and I don't think you've got what she's packing, if you catch my drift." Moments later, a nearby lamppost exploded into Hawkman's face, causing him to recoil briefly before adjusting his flight path and flying directly into his opponent.

He remembered Power Girl talking about this idiot once...Da Bomb, D Bomb, something like that. He put the thought aside as another mace shot caused his opponent to reel before a sweeping uppercut motion with the mace put him down.

"You're not in Power Girl's league." Hawkman said as he looked away distractedly. He'd stay until the police came...they would have to have a special crimes unit from Belle Reve come to secure him anyway due to his power level.

And then he saw it. A cloud formation in the night sky that almost looked to be a dead silhouette representation of his palace, centuries ago, in ancient Egypt. Back when he was a prince. Back when he loved and was loved.

Carter then flew into the night sky. It would be another dark, quiet evening.

Well, quiet for him, anyways.

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[User Picture]From: givesgoodcape
2010-02-07 03:06 am (UTC)
Character name: Delilah Tyler/Phantom Lady
Player (nickname, handle): KobieJ
Over 18? (y/n): Yes...God yes.
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): cyphercenter@yahoo.com
New character LJ name (if already created): givesgoodcape
Base of operations: Opal City
Sample Post:

Tak, tak, tak, tak...

Nothing sounds worse than a deadline. It hangs, it hovers, it just is there. More dreadful than a curse, even more dangerous than a weekend at Belle Reeve. My deadlines are kinda double-edged. I'm Phantom Lady, and this is my story.

Wow, can I BE any more in love with my own words? If you're reading this, and my editor really hopes that you are, than welcome! I'm Delilah Tyler, better known as the Freedom Fighter's own...well, you read the paragraph before. In this, I'm going to follow the lives and loves of the people who inhabit our world. Whether its from the ground level, or up, up in the skies.

Speaking of, this is a fine place for a quick Q&A, or more "A". Yes, they're real. No, I didn't date him. And yes, I'm prepared for any "malfunctions" in the costume. Besides, when you do what I do, you've got to come a little bit more prepared than the enemy. Anticipation, and expectations make for either victory or harsh defeat.

Totally stole that last one from Black Condor, so if you're reading? Thanks to you.


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From: mr_henshaw
2010-02-22 05:22 pm (UTC)
Character Name: The Cyborg Superman
Player: Matt
Over 18: Yes
Email address: You've already got it.
LJ Name: mr_henshaw
Base of Operations: Metropolis / Coast City / Space, the final frontier
Sample Post:

Coast City. The city without fear, apparently.

The Cyborg walks down a main street with a high collar and a wide-brimmed hat to keep the rain off, as he stares absently at passers-by and into shop windows. At little statuettes on sale that depict the Green Lantern or.. the other Superman.

"They would fear me if they knew." His voice is mostly blank, and monotone, but it shows a hint of sadness and maybe some bitterness. Someone passing him asks if he was addressing them, but he shakes his head and keeps on moving.

Is it possible for something not human to be depressed? Dogs get depressed. His wife was certainly depressed, and almost definitely fearful when she leapt out of that window. Can a cyborg be depressed? No. More like apathetic towards the world, generally nihlistic, or perhaps...

"I have need of a purpose." That makes him think. "Something large, and radical, to stimulate me into motion, into movement, into thought and process. Something akin to how my Kryptonian brother would set about on a great mission to take down Lex Luthor, or Mongul."

"Coast City?" He squats for a split second before taking off into the air. "I will not have you show me fear, as I have no need of it. But I will see to it that you are once again absolutely destroyed. Absolute destruction. A fraction of a test of my abilities, to make me alive once more."

From orbit, he looks down on the city with his super-enhanced vision. "Maybe then, if I eradicate my past, remove the rotten flesh, I can start anew. A new future for a new Superman." Renewed with a sense of hope, he flies off to plot and to plan.
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From: vixeninthegreen
2010-02-25 11:51 pm (UTC)
Character name: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
Player (nickname, handle): Allie
Over 18? (y/n): Yuuuup
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): You've got it.
New character LJ name (if already created): vixeninthegreen
Base of operations: Gotham City, NJ
Sample Post:

"I don't take very kindly to strangers coming into my garden," Ivy says as she stares at the shaking man in front of her. "What would have happened if you stepped on one of my poor babies?"

The man quivers. "P-p-please...I didn't mean any harm..honestly I didn't.."

Ivy held a finger against his lips. "Don't tell that to me. Tell that to my poor plants, who you so rudely disturbed."

Ivy smiles widely, as she watches him continue to shake in fear, sweat coming off of him in bullets.

"Maybe I am being a little bit harsh," she says, cupping her hand under the man's chin. "I mean, you really didn't mean to upset them. That's what you told me, right?"

A look of relief crosses the man's face. "Uh-huh." He nods, staring in her eyes.

"I mean, that's all a part of being human, after all, isn't it?" Ivy strokes his cheek, almost in a soothing manner, "Making mistakes? No one is perfect, after all, right?"

"Right..." The man was completely fixated by Ivy, staring into her eyes hopelessly.

Ivy leans, her breath on his lips. "I'll forgive you...this time." She places a long, slow kiss on the man's lips, before breaking away, grinning smugly.

The man looks as if he's died and gone to heaven..which is why he's completely caught by surprise when he finds himself gasping for air...and then dead on the floor in less than a minute.

"Forgiveness, I think," Ivy says, kicking the corpse in the chest to the ground, "Has always been overrated." She's about to take him back and throw him one of the vats with the toxins when an idea crosses her.

Grinning, she drags the man by the collar. It had been quite sometime since the over-sized Venus Flytraps had gotten a proper meal, after all.
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From: i_mace_u
2010-02-26 04:00 pm (UTC)


Character name: J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter)
Player (nickname, handle): Shawn
Over 18? (y/n): y
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): Y'all have it already.
New character LJ name (if already created): Will create upon approval.
Base of operations: JLA Watchtower/Colorado



(From a couple years ago the last time I played J'onn for Watchtower)

Thanks, guys!
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From: canary_noir
2010-02-27 10:45 pm (UTC)

Application for Black Canary

Character name: Dinah Laurel Lance (Black Canary II)
Player (nickname, handle): Allison
Over 18? (y/n):yes
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): Will email
New character LJ name (if already created): canary_noir
Base of operations: Gotham
Sample Post: http://canary-noir.livejournal.com/400.html#cutid1 (With Oracle)
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From: give_me_an_amen
2010-05-04 11:05 pm (UTC)
Character name: Deacon Joseph Blackfire
Player (nickname, handle): Matthew
Over 18? (y/n): Yes
E-mail address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): You've got it.
New character LJ name (if already created): [info]give_me_an_amen
Base of operations: Gotham City, NJ
Sample Post:

"And I say unto you, my faithful brethren; do not be comforted by the succor of the false ones! There is only one true Lord, and he speaketh through me! He brought me back to this land of the living so that I might show you the way, and boy oh boy, my brothers and sisters, the path does indeed look like a hard one. We may have to cast off some of our material shackles. We may have to cut off those dependent upon us, as they drag our souls into damnation. And yes, we may have to dedicate our lives and souls to our God, but I tell you that there is no other way! No other way! No other way!" Pumping his fist into the air, Blackfire gets his congregation chanting, and with a wide grin on his face, he watches the collection plate make the rounds.

After the service he enters the rectory to the back of his small chapel, and counts his earnings. Saying a prayer of thanks, he bleeds his arm onto the coins and notes, and his eyes roll back. "My Lord I thank thee for bringing me back, and I offer you this sacrifice so that you might extend my life further. I know that there is much work to be done, and the devil in the form of a Bat must be vanquished, but I will build you your army and it shall be a golden army so bright that Lucifer himself would be jealous."

Blackfire snaps back to consciousness. He knows that it was not God that brought him back, but some other deity, being, or alien intelligence. But for as long as he has life, he will serve this being, and he will build the army of hell's soldiers that dwell in Gotham. With the Black Mask gone there is a void where once there was a foe to oppose the Bat and his unholy crusade. Blackfire will recruit the army, and any who dare refuse will meet their Gods soon enough.
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From: strayed_arrow
2010-05-21 06:56 pm (UTC)
Character Name - Roy William Harper Jr. AKA “Red Arrow”.

Player Nickname or Handle - Hunter, or Hunt for short.

Player Over 18 Years of Age - Yes (22).

E-mail Address - trick_shot_corner_pocket@yahoo.com.

Base of Operations - JLA Watchtower.

Sample Post - “Yes.” What more should he say? The invite they’re offering him is a once in a lifetime kinda thing.


Not even in the sarcastic, relative sense. They’re asking him to become the newest member of the Justice friggin’ League of America. It’s all he ever-- no, that’s a lie. It isn’t. If they asked him a couple of years ago he would have turned them down. Easily.

Now’s different. He’s matured. His relationship with Ollie’s matured. Er, sorta. Ollie’s still insensitive.

Roy’s not bothered anymore, that’s all.

“Yesyesyesyes.” His smile’s broad, joy dancing in those emerald eyes. Even from behind the new domino mask he’s wearing. “Are you kidding me? Who’d say no to this?”

Oh, man. He can’t believe what’s happening.

He’s already shot up from his spot in the Watchtower’s conference seat and has his right hand out, offering it in a childish acceptance of the letter that initiates him cordially into their League. It’s been such a long time coming... He just never thought it would come. Not even now.

But that isn’t stopping the grin that’s straining at his cheeks.

Roy looks at the lucky inaugurator, beams his most impressionable and boyish expression, and hefts a shrug in indecision. “I guess it’s about time I take on the family name.”
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From: zauriel1971
2010-06-08 05:44 pm (UTC)

Owlman Application

* Character Name – Owlman (Roy Raymond Jr.)
* Player Nickname or Handle - Zauriel1971
* Player Over 18 Years of Age - Yes.
* E-mail Address (if you don't want this public, e-mail the mods at jlawatchtower AT gmail.com): You've got it.
* Base of Operations - 'Mobile' and Keystone City, Kansas
* Male, black eyes, blond hair
* Occupation – Television pundit
* First appearance – Robin Volume 4#38 – February 1997
* History: Roy Raymond, Jr., the grandson of Roy Raymond, Sr., presented a tabloid television series in Gotham City called Roy Raymond Jr: Manstalker. He was considered by many as arrogant, inept, and a huge embarrassment to his grandfather.[1] Batman described Roy as one of the few detectives he admired, but that he "chose to waste his talents on daytime television".[2] As a child, Bruce Wayne rarely missed an episode of "Roy Raymond: TV Detective" (the tv show on which Raymond Sr. would solve real cases in front of a camera rather than dramatize them), but Roy Jr. disgraced his father's name.
Roy moved to Keystone City, where he became a pundit at KN News.
Continuing his "Manstalker" program, he investigates the kidnapping of a little girl. Roy's detective work turned up some solid leads on her whereabouts, but he was dismissed as the "crazy television man". Angered, Roy tracked down the girl by himself, and rescued her from the kidnappers. Blue Beetle sought Roy out to offer him a position on the JLA after Batman's Death. He accepts that offer and becomes Owlman, with equipment left for that purpose by Batman.
As Owlman, Raymond replaces Batman’s deductive ability and intelligence in the group and has quite a hard, cold, exterior towards his teammates. He has grown closer to them, though.

* Skilled Detective: Roy is a fairly capable detective, whose skills are considered to be on par with that of even the most intuitive criminal investigator, in fact, he has even garnered the admiration of Batman himself.
* Batman-modified equipment to an owl theme-Transportation, weapons, modified to an owl theme.

* Sample Post – It has been a while since Batman died, or at least gone missing. Roy has been filling in as best he can for Batman to fill the role of detective, intelligent mastermind, cold exterior person that Batman left in the JLA when he disappeared. Batman had left instructions with Blue Beetle to equip Roy with modified Bat-gear (weapons, vehicles, etc) should he die. Blue Beetle has done this and now this other dark avenger, Owlman, is determined to find out exactly what happened to Batman, and continue his quest for justice – albeit with a dark edge to him like Batman. It’s almost like Batman never left! He has much respect for Batman and wants to see him back. He looks out over Keystone City and the wind whips his cape behind him. He gets a sudden signal from his communicator about police and how they’ve encountered a serious problem at the docks. He’s on his way, swinging from building to building, leaping, gliding, and more until he arrives at his destination. He stays in the shadows and looks in on the situation. Hostages. Dozens. He knows this will take stealth and he goes in quietly and one by one takes out the men holding the people hostage. Finally in the room where they are, he throws out a couple of smoke pellets and the room fills. The men yell out and start aiming their guns. Sounds of men being pummelled fill the air and one grabs a hostage yelling out, “Show yourself or this one’s had it! You’ve got until 5 to show yourself! 1! 2! 3! 4! 5!” Out of the shadows appears Owlman. He says, “Time’s up.” “Yeah for you!” says the man and he fires on Owlman hitting nothing but air. Owlman lands behind the man and promptly takes out his hand with an Owlrang and then knocks him unconscious. The hostages look up at him and he says, “Everyone alright?” They shake their heads slowly as the smoke clears. “Good.” He leaves the men tied up and the hostages standing there with the guns and starts to leave, “Anyone of you gets trigger happy with them and I’ll be back – for you.” He leaves and the police arrive to see everything taken care of. The hostages tell them everything.
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From: chanciekins
2010-06-19 02:58 am (UTC)

Strange Application

• Character Name -- Adam Strange
• Player Nickname or Handle -- Chance
• Player Over 18 Years of Age -- 21 actually.
• E-mail Address -- chance_anderson88@yahoo.com
• Base of Operations -- The Planet Rann, sometimes mobile on Earth.
• Sample Post --

It is still dark as Adam sneaks quietly out of bed, he looks over at Alanna still sleeping soundly. As Adam puts on the suit he has become so well known for, he thinks back to the first time he met his wife all those years ago. At first he is running for his life in the wilderness and suddenly he was in an alien metropolis staring at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, she looks even more beautiful now.

Now dressed Adam reaches for his ray gun which he keeps under his side of the bed, and he tucks it into the holster at his side. Adam then walks out quietly, in the hall he sees Aleea's room and his heart starts filling with pride. He slowly opens the door and checks to see if she is asleep. As he heard her heavy breathing he knows that it is safe to enter. Aleea was turning 10 in earth years tomorrow, and Adam couldn't be any more proud of her. As she sleeps he kneels down and takes her little hand that was just dangling off the bed. Slowly her eyes flutter open, and she looks right at Adam's loving face with a smile on it as bright as the night light.

"Daddy?" she says still trying to shake off the effects of sleep.

"Happy Birthday!" he says softly as he pats her on the shoulder. "I just wanted to say that before I left."

"Thanks Daddy! You are going to be back in a few days right?"

"You bet as soon as the Zeta Beam will let me. I am just so sorry I am going to miss the rest of your birthday." He said giving her a good bye kiss.

She rubbed he eyes and said, "it is ok I understand, but you are going to get me a great present from earth right."

"Yep!" He exclaimed, "I already have something in mind. Plus I will bring your favorite pizza back with me to." She smiled but was obviously falling back asleep, he stroked he beautiful blonde hair once more and whispered, "I love you see you soon."

Adam grabbed a few more things around the house, then he went to the room that contained the Zeta Beam as he waited for the affects to wear off. Then suddenly he heard a loud noise coming from outside.

Adam activated his jetpack flying out of the roofs opening he saw a giant yellow reptilian face with tentacles all over it holding on to several Rann sky cars throwing them every which way. Adam Rann's champion knew what he had to do. He upholstered both his ray guns and started flying right for the creature. As he drew closer to the creature he recognized it from some of his dealings with the Green Lanterns, it was one of the creatures of greed, who proclaim themselves Gods, and devour worlds.

Adam aimed both his guns straight for it, and began to fire. He hit the creature directly on the nose and drew its attention. It began swinging some of his tentacles at him. Adam stopped and launched himself straight up to avoid them as he continued to fire causing major damage to the creature around its nose. The creature let out a roar of pain and began to focus its attacks on Adam. Adam was easily able to avoid the creature and continued to get closer. When he was almost close enough to reach out and touch the creature he holstered his ray gun and brought up his right arm to create his solid light cannon, and aimed at the spot he had done all the damage to with his ray guns.

Suddenly he felt himself start to dematerialize, "oh crap!" He thought as he realized the Zeta Beam's affects were wearing off. Adam shouted "No! Not Now! I have to finish this! It's her birthday!" Adam discharged his cannon, but was immediately whisked away before he could see what had happened. Adam suddenly found himself in the JLA Watchtower, looking out a window. Adam fell to his knees, and with tears streaming down e face declared, "Rann, please be ok!"

I learned about this game from the Gentleman's guide on youtube.
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From: thomaselliotmd
2010-06-29 02:59 am (UTC)

Hush Application

* Character Name - Thomas Elliot
* Player Nickname or Handle - Craig
* Player Over 18 Years of Age - Yes
* E-mail Address - Will e-mail to you if accepted
* Base of Operations - Gotham City, NJ
* Sample Post -

Thomas Elliot slowly removed the bandages around his face. The man that stared back at him was nearly unrecognizable at this point. But it wasn't his face that mattered. He had realized that a long time ago.

Grabbing the syringe from the sink near his right hand, he raised it up and injected a small amount of local anesthesia to strategic locations above each cheek and to his forehead. Closing his eyes, he felt as his face went numb before opening his eyes again.

Dropping the needle into a small biohazard compartment next to his feet, he replaced it with his familiar friend, his scalpel. As he made the first incision just bellow his right orbital, he felt the sudden rush come back to him. Surgery. It would never get old.

Most people would require to be completely put out for such intense work, but Elliot had gained so much experience over the years that his precision was as razor sharp as the blade in his hand. Not to mention the fact that if he had any more medication in his system, it would dull his senses too much to complete the operation.

As the hours drug on, and he replaced his scalpel for small hammers and continued to work, Elliot's hands never tired. They were driven by hatred, by anger. The anger at one man. The man that had lived his dream. That had taken on the life that he deserved, that he worked so hard for. And why? Because of a thug in a back ally. Pathetic.

But the time for his revenge was quickly approaching. He would would claim his position as Gotham's favorite son. Or the city would bow at his knees. Either way, he would get what he wanted.

With one final sutcher sewn into his forehead, Elliot cut the thread, and dropped the contents into the biohazard bin. Stepping back, he took a look at himself. It would be weeks before the swelling went down enough to see his full handiwork, but as he removed his bloody gloves, and began to replace the wrapping around his face, he couldn't help but be pleased.

The door swung open just in time as his nurse stepped in, her eyes glazed over. It was wonderful how quickly a lobotomy could make someone obedient. As he crossed the room, he spoke quickly and to the point.

"Get the car ready. I have an old friend to meet up with."

"Yes doctor..." escaped the woman's lips along with a small amount of drool.

And with that Thomas Elliot disappeared into the hallway, stepping into the shoes of Hush once again.
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[User Picture]From: 10xspeedoflight
2010-07-02 09:59 pm (UTC)

Flash Barry Allen Application

• Character Name -- Barry Allen - The Flash
• Player Nickname or Handle -- Matthew
• Player Over 18 Years of Age -- The grand old age of 25
• E-mail Address -- matthewpeterdawkins@yahoo.co.uk
• Base of Operations -- Central City and Keystone City
• Sample Post --

"Have to keep running... No matter how much it hurts... Time... Feel the time stream around me-" Barry is up, he's out of bed, he's in costume, and he's at the Flash Museum. He had been asleep and dreaming a split second before.

"What... What happened?" It all comes flooding back almost as fast as the Flash can move. The explosion on the Watchtower caused by the Clock King disrupted time itself. His death when he entered the speed force had occurred, but the shattering of the multiversal clock changed something between the time of the Crisis caused by the Anti-Monitor and today. Nobody was sure what had changed exactly, but by some fluke, it had resulted in Barry being brought back to life.

He had spent every waking second since reappearing at the breakfast table opposite Iris (and that gave her a shock, albeit a welcome one) trying to work out what, or who, had brought about his resurrection, but to no avail. Magical heroes and villains were unaware, or were keeping quiet. No technology seemed to tell him either. It was simply that one moment he was dead, and now... He is alive.

Taking the steps up the Flash Museum two at a time, he walks around the perimeter deep in thought. "Am I really here? If someone is pulling my strings, why haven't they revealed who they are? Could Grodd or Kadabra be behind this? Maybe the Anti-Monitor-" As he reels off his various theories, he hears a smash, and rushes to the source of the disturbance. The Trickster and a bunch of goons breaking into the museum.

"Hey." The Flash has knocked the thugs out before the sound of his voice stops travelling, and has grabbed James Jesse by the lapels. "Remember me?"
(Reply) (Thread)
From: frostiekins
2010-07-06 08:14 am (UTC)

One Cool App

• Character Name – Captain Cold (Leonard Snart)
• Player Nickname or Handle – Chance
• Player Over 18 Years of Age – 21 actually.
• E-mail Address – chance_anderson88@yahoo.com
• Base of Operations – Central City
• Sample Post –

It is early in the afternoon, Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold is on a roof scouting out a new pirate treasure exhibit being brought to the Central City Museum for a limited stay. This amazing exhibit was brought in last minute, and because of the lack of press surrounding it, security would be lighter than usual. They did this because high security would be overkill. Cold chuckles to himself, “in half an hour the only thing that will be overkill, will be the amount of money the Rogues get from the heist. What a stroke of luck, the Trickster hearing that guard’s conversation while pulling pranks at the Mall.” All Leonard has to do now is wait for the rest of his team and that treasure will be theirs.

Suddenly behind him, Cold hears an alarm go off. He runs to the other side of the building, and sees a ton of commotion at the Bank. The alarms make Cold smile, bringing back fond memories, and knowing that these robbers will get to experience those as well. He notices one of the thieves running out of the building, wearing a ski mask of all things, how cliché. A woman panicking runs straight into the thug, he grabs her and throws her on the ground in a rush. Witnessing this, The Captains head perks up and he pays close attention, his hand slowly reaching for his Cold Gun purely by instinct. The woman screams and the Thug angry turns to her and yells, “Shut Up!” He opens fire shooting he right in the head.

Almost instantly, Captain Cold draws his Cold Gun firing at the thug, leaving him an icy statue where he stood. Cold creates an ice slide down from the roof and heads for the bank, entering he sees all the civilians one in the bank dead, gunned down in cold blood. Cold is steaming, as a group of the thugs sees him. The thugs are quite star stuck as they approach Leonard, “Wow it’s you, Mr. Cold it is an honor to meet you.” One thug says. Another exclaims, “it sure is! Are you here to rob bank to? I think I speak for all of us here when I say it would be our pleasure to help you, just to see the Captain at work.”

“So you want to learn from me?” Cold replied.

“Yes sir!” A third thug jumps with excitement.

“Okay.” Captain cold smirks. “Lesson one, History; Central City has a rich criminal history, we pride ourselves on.” The thugs listen intently hanging on the veteran criminals every word. Leonard continues, “You could say that this city his home to a higher class of villain, and frankly, you aren’t anywhere near that class.” Cold releases his frustration in one epic burst of cold freezing the thugs in place, money bags in hand. “You don’t deserve to call yourselves criminals,” Cold approaches the new statues. Breaking the money bags out of their icy hands Captain Cold says, “what do animals need with money anyways.”

Leonard heads for the exit lugging heavy frozen money bag-cicles as he goes. He then sees the clock and realizes that it is time to attack the museum. He begins to run for the door, when he recognizes a lightning bolt in the distance. With the heavy bags in his hand all the legendary Captain Cold has time to do is think, “Crap!”
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From: greenion
2010-07-14 07:21 am (UTC)
* Character Name – Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern
* Player Nickname or Handle - Craig
* Player Over 18 Years of Age - Yes
* E-mail Address – You Know It
* Base of Operations – Earth – Sector 2814
* Sample Post –

Kyle Rayner found himself in a familiar position from the past few months, pacing back and forth inside his chambers on the planet Oa.

He understood, perhaps better than anyone the reason behind his temporary new dwelling. The Guardians could not take a chance when dealing with Parallax, the being that had almost destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, and would have been successful if it weren’t for the emerald ring that still rested on the finger of Kyle, a once sacrificial gift given to the man that was thought to be the final Green Lantern.

But with the beast locked safely away, Rayner had not shown any of the effects of the entity rubbing off on him after their battle, and yet the Guardians still held him her for nearly 9 months. The Corps was strong despite its enemies, and perhaps they may have thought that earth was in good hands with Hal Jordan, and it most certainly was, for the time being at least. Maybe they thought that caution was the best option.

But Rayner was chomping at the bit to get back to Sector 2814. He didn’t need the abilities of Ion to realize that something was coming. Something big. And if Earth was in danger, there would be no danger that would escape his sight.

Chuckling slightly, Kyle pushed his way up to his feet. The oath had been said many times, but it had more meaning to him now as he recited it in his mind. He felt the power of his ring as he exited his room, quickly beginning to make his way towards where he knew the Guardians were meeting. He was going back home one way or another, and let those who worship evil’s power, beware his might…
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[User Picture]From: redrubberballs
2010-07-17 03:29 am (UTC)
* Character Name – Eel O'Brien, AKA Plastic Man
* Player Nickname or Handle - J.R.
* Player Over 18 Years of Age - Yes
* E-mail Address – You have it.
* Base of Operations – Chicago
* Notes - I plan to drop Phantom Stranger if approved, to make room in my roster.
* Sample Post –

Johnny McGill is a small-time hood with big-time dreams. Flashlight in hand, he's made a daring attempt to rob the Chicago Museum of Modern Art. As he creeps through the hallway, he nearly bumps into a red and gold-clad figure.

The Flash stands before him, smiling, with his hands on his hips.

"I'm going to bet you didn't even make the minimum suggested donation."

Panicked, Johnny turns to run - only to be blocked at the door across from the first by.. the Flash.

"C'mon, did you honestly think that would work?"

Johnny freezes to the spot.

"Hey, whoa, time out."

The voice comes from behind him, it seems. The first Flash walks over, joining the second.

"One of us is going to have to change. I said I was going to do the Flash."

"Well, I didn't want to be Captain Marvel. He's kinda dull."

Panic begins to be replaced by utter confusion in the crook's mind as he looks between the two identical Flashes.

"Why not Firestorm? I think we got the whole flame-head thing down."

The second Flash seems a little dubious at that prospect, tapping his chin thoughtfully - Johnny begins to inch away, only to be suddenly lassoed by a crimson tendril from one of the Flashes. Finally, the thief speaks.

"Please! Just take me to jail already!"

Both Flashes turn to him, rebuking in unison.

"Quiet! This doesn't involve you!"

That seems to cow him completely, helpless as they resolve their dilemma - again, simultaneously - both of them snapping their fingers and pointing at one another.

"Donna Troy!"

Plastic Man recombines his two disparate halves via the slim tendril that connected them, and takes on the form of Donna Troy, in her classic red and gold uniform - the tendril around the thief shifting to take on a resemblance to a golden lasso.

"Tell me the truth - do I make this work, or what?"

(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: windywitch
2010-07-21 01:46 am (UTC)
* Character Name - Maxine Hunkel/Cyclone
* Character Journal Name - windywitch
* Player Nickname or Handle - Allie
* Player Over 18 Years of Age - Yes!
* E-mail Address - You've got this!
* Base of Operations - JSA Brownstone
* Sample Post -
And something random for the hell of it.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: givesgoodcape
2010-07-21 08:24 am (UTC)

Giving it another shot...

Character name: Delilah Tyler/Phantom Lady
Player (nickname, handle): KobieJ
Over 18? (y/n): Yes...God yes.
E-mail address: cyphercenter@yahoo.com
New character LJ name (if already created): givesgoodcape
Base of operations: Opal City
Sample Post:

"Delilah, you've checked the dials again, right?"

"Yes Ms. Sandra..." With that, she re-adjusts the objects in question, having overlooked it during the afternoon inspection.

"The cape's showing just the right amount of resistance, but still catches enough air?"

"Yes, Ms. Sandra..." A quick flap of the material lets it drape, before sending a charge through. The current stiffens the cape, fixing it into glider mode.

"And no more of those "malfunctions" like on Jack Ryder's show last week?"

"...." The cape isn't the only thing that stiffens now, as Dee Tyler, better known as the legacy hero "Phantom Lady" hisses back her irritation. "YES, Ms Sandra...That's why I did a little reinforcing to the suit itself. This thing can stand up to everything short of anti-armor rounds. It'll outlast me, truth be told."

Dee clasps the cape behind her collar, before sliding over her eyewear. "But neither of us is going anytime soon. Don't wait up, Ms Sandra. Thursday in Opal is my shot."

(Reply) (Thread)
From: masks_we_wear
2010-07-30 02:16 am (UTC)

Johnny Sorrow Application

Character Name: Johnny Sorrow, real name: unknown
Player Name: Edward
Over 18? 27
E-mail address: You guys have it.
Base of Operations: Mobile
Sample Post:

"Hmm, pleasant night today." Johnny Sorrow mused to himself as he strolled towards his destination. The maximum security prison looming large in front of him. It reminded him of the same prison he went to recruit Cameron Mahkent, the current Icicle to his Injustice Society. But this visit, to this particular institution, had an entirely different purpose.

Sorrow checked his sleeves and straightened his tie, habits he had developed long ago when he had still been human. The reminder of his lost humanity temporarily froze him with rage. If he still had teeth he was sure he'd be gnashing them. Memories of losing his career, memories of losing his humanity to a whelp of a superhero, and the death of his wife as she looked upon his new face...

"Focus, Johnny, focus." Sorrow admonished himself as he willed the rage to dissipate for the time being. "That's no way to present yourself to the public. Remember Johnny, a real villain has style, no time for such things now."

He phased through the walls of the prison, ignoring the shocked exclamations of guards and prisoners alike as he strolled towards the warden's office. He whistled a tune from his youth as bullets went through his intangible body.

"Hands on your head now!" Oredered a large guard along with a large group of guards surrounding a man tailored in impeccable suit.

"I commend your clothing style warden," Sorrow said amicably. "It almost matches my own."

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

Sorrow declined to answer but said: "So few people have a genuine sense of style these days, one of the reasons I detest this world so much. So it saddens me that you have to die Warden, but this incident should keep the local hero population occupied while associates collect something for me. So don't fret, your death will have purpose."

"Wait a minute," A prisoner stated at as he got a good luck at Sorrow as he began to take off his mask. "Holy shit! That's Johnny Sorrow! Don't look at his faaaaaaaaace!"

The scream was the last thing that was heard from prisoners and guards alike.
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From: grodd_is_king
2010-08-20 07:56 am (UTC)

Gorilla Grodd Apllication

Character Name: Gorilla Grodd, real name: Grodd
Player Name: Edward
Over 18? Yep
Email address: DRDOOM28@aol.com
Base of Operations: Mobile, has several bases
Sample Post:

Gorilla Grodd sat at his computer terminal, hands steepled, as a list of various names scrolled across the screen. To an untrained observer they would appear to be random and unrelated to each other, but Grodd knew differently.

On the screen were people of prominence all over the world: CEOs, stockholders, captains of industry, underworld crimelords, military officials, political figures of every level, and members of shadowy government agencies. They all had one thing in common.

Whether they knew it or not, they served Grodd, or soon would. Some were controlled through his mental powers. Others served him with promises of power and influence. Many were not even aware of the identity of their anonymous benefactor. And a good amount of them were cowed with good old fashioned fear and intimidation.

Slowly, but surely, Grodd was taking control of the gears that made the world function.

"Piece by piece, it will all belong to Grodd." He spoke aloud to himself, a sense of assured triumph in his words.

He switched the monitor to a new image, that of the Justice League. He pressed a key. The Justice Society. Again. The Titans. Again and again images came up including Batman, Superman, the Martian Manhunter, the Flash...

Grodd halted at the last image, and with a roar of rage punched a hole clear through the screen. He glanced at the few cuts and burns in annoyance before standing up exiting his chambers. He did not concern himself with the damaged screen, he had more.

"Soon, very soon. You will bow to me Flash. Then I will tear out your heart."
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